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Call For Nominations
Place and Date of General Assembly
Terms of Office
Compositon Of Board
Open Positions For Next Board
Criteria To Be Nominated For Next Board
Information Needed From The Nominees
Announcment For The Nominees

Call For Nominations



Call for nominations

The FIP Board is inviting nominations for members of the Board and for the term of office 2022-2024.

The final date of receipt of candidate applications is 30 April 2022. A person may only be nominated for one position.

Nominations must be submitted through the FIP website. Nominations received via another channel or after the application date will not be considered.

Nominations from the floor during the General Assembly will not be accepted unless no nomination was received.

All positions on the Board are voluntary and unpaid. Members are entitled to reimbursement of approved expenses.


Place and date of the General Assembly

The elections for the next term of office are scheduled to be held at the General Assembly in Valletta, Malta, on 31 May-1 June 2022. This date will mark the end of the current biennium.

Term of office

The term of office of a member of the Board is a biennium. Nominees elected at the General Assembly in 2022 will serve until the end of the meeting of the General Assembly in 2024.

Composition of the Board*

The Board is composed of 6 members:

(a) the President;
(b) the Vice-President;
(c) the Secretary-General;
(d) the Treasurer;
(e) the Executive Board Member; and (f) the Immediate Past-President.

Elected nominees will serve with James Hill (Secretary-General), Erin Dayaram (Treasurer), and Heidi Corcoran (then Immediate Past-President)*.


Open positions for the next Board*

Nominations are required for the following positions:

• President
• Vice-President
• Executive Board Member


Criteria to be nominated for the next Board

To be considered for nomination to the next Board, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • have a podiatry degree

  • nominated by their national member association

  • accept to be nominated for the position

  • be passionate about podiatry

  • have governance experience, preferably in a non-profit association

  • have a global vision

  • be determined to move the global podiatry agenda forward

  • have at least 5 years of expert experience in the field of diabetic foot.

  • be available, responsive, and have the sens gravitas needed to lead an

  • international organisation. Board members are required to participate in approximately 20 Board video conference meetings per year. One meeting per year may be a two-day, in-person strategic meeting. On average, the governance duties of a member of the Board may require a work effort of approximately 1 day per week in addition to the Board meetings.

  • not be driven by personal prestige or financial gain

  • be fluent in English

Information needed from the nominees

The following information from each nominee:

  • Full name and contact details

  • The position(s) for which the candidate wishes to be nominated

  • A short profile of up to 150 words

  • A short motivational statement of up to 150 words.

  • Disclosure of any relevant conflict of interest.

  • A recent headshot photograph

  • Confirmation of acceptance to go forward to the General Assembly for election.

  • letter of support from their national podiatry member association supporting the nominations


Announcement of the nominees

The list of nominees to go forward to the General Assembly for election will be announced on 7 May 2022. Candidates will be informed before this date whether their candidature has been accepted.



Questions about the nominating procedure must be addressed to the Secretary-General at

Nomination Form

For one of the following board positions

Thanks for submitting!

*The Articles of Association are currently being reviewed. If the General Assembly accepts the revised Articles, the composition of the Board will be as follows

15.3 The Board is composed of 5 Directors:

(a)  the President;

(b)  the President-Elect;

(c)  the Secretary-General;

(d)  the Treasurer; and

(e)  the Vice-President.

15.4  The President and the President-Elect must be podiatrists.

15.5  At least half of the Directors must be podiatrists.

15.6  Not more than two members of the Board can be members of the same Full Member.

15.7  The President and the President-Elect cannot be members of the same Member


15.8 The Treasurer, who is appointed to assist the Board on all FIP’s financial and accounting matters, is preferably qualified in accounting and has financial skills and experience.

Nomination Form
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