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The FIP World Congress of Podiatry, now known as the Global Podiatry Summit, is the flagship conference of the International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP-IFP). Established in 1966, the Summit stands as the foremost global assembly for the foot and ankle care community. This prestigious event is distinguished by its rich history of facilitating the largest convergence of international podiatrists, attracting professionals from over 40 countries. Participants engage in a dynamic program featuring oral and poster presentations, alongside interactive workshops, fostering unparalleled opportunities for professional development and collaboration within the podiatry field.

World Congress of Podiatry

Global Podiatry Summit 2024: Keeping the World on Its Feet

Reflecting on the Global Podiatry Summit 2024: Keeping the World on Its Feet

As we reflect on the Global Podiatry Summit 2024 held in Reykjavik, it’s clear that this event has set a new benchmark for the global podiatry community. With the fitting slogan "Keeping the World on Its Feet," the summit united over 400 professionals in a shared mission to advance the field of podiatry. This gathering in the picturesque Icelandic capital became a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and professional excellence.

A Summit of Unity and Vision

The event was inaugurated with enthusiasm, highlighted by a warm welcome from FIP President Daniel A. Weisz, setting an inclusive tone for the summit. The keynote address by Howard Liebeskind, focusing on the unified approach to medical teamwork, particularly in the realm of sports medicine, underscored the vital role of podiatrists in healthcare. His Excellency Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland, further celebrated the indispensable contributions of podiatrists, enriching the summit's opening day.

The get-together toast, an event that symbolized unity and shared purpose, was a memorable moment, bringing attendees together to share in the spirit of the summit's slogan.

Enlightening Sessions and Global Perspectives

From enlightening discussions on diabetic foot management to groundbreaking insights in sports medicine, the summit provided a comprehensive platform for learning and sharing. Panels such as "Global Perspectives in Diabetic Foot" and "Podiatric Sports Medicine" brought together experts from around the world, offering diverse viewpoints and fostering a collaborative environment for tackling some of the most pressing challenges in podiatry.

These sessions not only highlighted the critical issues faced by the profession but also showcased the innovative strategies and approaches being adopted globally to enhance patient care and outcomes.


A Significant Role of Sponsors

The summit's success was greatly supported by our sponsors, with Kerecis standing out as the largest sponsor. Their significant contribution, along with the support from AOTI, Integra, Kent, MDM - EZ debride, DiaWin, Curacorn, and Blue Ocean Global, was instrumental in facilitating an environment of learning and networking. The involvement of these organizations underscored the collective effort to advance podiatric medicine and patient care.

The Road Ahead

The Global Podiatry Summit 2024 has indeed lived up to its slogan, "Keeping the World on Its Feet." It has not only provided a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences but also highlighted the unity and resilience of the podiatric community. As we look to the future, the insights and connections forged in Reykjavik will undoubtedly propel us toward new heights of professional development and collaborative success.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers for their invaluable contributions to making the summit a landmark event. The journey does not end here; let us continue to build on the momentum and carry forward the spirit of innovation and collaboration to keep the world on its feet.

Until we meet again, let us keep advancing podiatry, inspired by the collective wisdom and dedication showcased at the Global Podiatry Summit 2024.


Br. Hanne Saarinen

Marketing and Communications Committee, FIP

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