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The Point Project

Podiatric skills for International Diabetic Foot Teams

The POINT project is a collaboration between D-Foot international and the International Federation of Podiatrists.The point document creates a standardised staged competency framework for the inclusion of podiatric skills worldwide in the management of diabetic foot disease. The presence of podiatrists with unique skill sets as part of the multidisciplinary diabetic foot team is well established in the literature. Many countries, especially those in lower-and middle-income regions do not have podiatrists available as part of their team. The point document, which is a multidisciplinary consensus, identifies the skills needed to provide podiatric skills across four levels irrespective of the presence of podiatrists.


The POINT document provides guidance for three groups:


  • firstly, for diabetic foot teams in identifying areas of strength and weakness,

  • secondly, for teams without podiatrists to identify the podiatric skills needed,

  • finally, for decision-makers to be informed of the skills, which can be provided by podiatrists.


The article was published in the diabetic Foot Journal 18/06/2018, Vol 21, No 2.


And the Diabetic Foot Journal Middle East. Another recognition of the important work established by FIP-IFP in collaboration with D-Foot International. Read it here.


Congratulations to the authors: Pauline Wilson, Neil Baker, Kristien Van Acker, Norina Gavan, Esther Garcia Morales, Matthew Garoufalis, Stuart Baird, Caroline Teugels, Luc Hendrickx, and Mieke Fransen.


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From left to right: Prof. Robert Ashfort, Dr. Dave Dunning, Dr. José Luis Lazaro Martinez, Dr. Esther Garcia Morales. Front row fltr: Norina Gavan, Alexandria Armstrong, Dr. Matt Garoufalis, Caroline Teugels, Emi Van Nieuwenhuyze. Back row fltr: Dr. Kristien Van Acker, Luc Hendrickx, Dr. David Armstrong, Dr. Lee Rogers, Christian Jérôme, Dr. James Stavosky, Sabine De Bruyne and Pauline Wilson.

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In collaboration with D-Foot International
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