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Scientific Committee


The FIP-IFP scientific committee promotes the scientific basis of podiatric care as part of the objectives of FIP-IFP. The committee works to ensure that any person accessing podiatric services provided by FIP-IFP members can be sure that they are accessing evidence-based care. The committee promotes this by producing documents and policies in collaboration with the FIP-IFP board to support podiatrists. In addition, we support and promote research projects in podiatry. We co-ordinate conferences and education hosted by FIP-IFP by reviewing and checking the scientific rigor of the content. The members of the committee are active in promoting both FIP-IFP and podiatry at international meetings both within FIP-IFP and with external stakeholders. The current committee is made up of members from around the world with experience at all levels of podiatric practice.

Message from Scientific Committee Chairperson

Pauline Wilson Chair Scientific committe

Ms Pauline Wilson

Chairperson Scientific Committee

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