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EWMA 2023 in Milan

Conference theme: Wound care - from art to science

Leonardo da Vinci with his genius created not only art but also used science to understand, describe and develop the world around him. There was a time when wound care was more an art than a science, but thanks to contributions from many disciplines, wound healing is now solidly based on science and evidence. Our patients are dependent on a holistic view – not only of their specific wound – but of the patient itself. This requires skills and knowledge from many fields: medicine, engineering, physiology, psychology, and patient care. Multidisciplinary approaches are key to improvement and innovation. That is the focus of the EWMA 2023 conference. Milano – a hub of art and science for over 500 years – is the backdrop for EWMA’s 2023 conference. A lively city, where scientific advances have shaped progress in industry and design and attracted the brightest minds for centuries. Attend the conference and…

  • build your network at the largest wound care event.

  • have access to more than 100 scientific sessions.

  • meet 100+ wound management companies.

  • be a part of a conference with more than 80 countries represented.

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