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An invitation to Podiatrists to become members of the International Federation of Podiatrists (IAIP)

Apply online to become a member of the Individual Member of the International Federation of Podiatrists through the link below.

International Association of Individual Podiatrists (IAIP)

FIP is mainly a federation of national member associations. In addition, FIP welcomes individual podiatrists to become members of a group within FIP called the International Association of Individual Podiatrists (IAIP).

To be eligible for membership, candidate podiatrists:

- must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in podiatry or an internationally recognised equivalent of which the curriculum meets the minimum knowledge, skills, and competencies required to practice the profession;

- practice in a country where no national podiatry association exists; and

- are not an individual member of a Full or Provisional Member of FIP.

What does FIP offer to individual members?

- Be part of the international podiatry community.

- Enjoy the backing of a recognised, global podiatry federation to help meet national requirements.

- An opportunity to network and exchange experience and best practices with other like-minded associations.

- Contribute to joint action and advocacy with the European Commission.

- Contribute to and benefit at a national level from the European recognition and legal status of podiatry as a healthcare profession.

- Benefit from the endeavours of the European Council of Podiatry (ECP), a committee of FIP, to ensure that podiatrists across the European continent can acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed through a harmonised common training framework and can practice podiatry legally as a recognised healthcare profession anywhere in Europe.

- Benefit from FIP's forging and maintaining relationships with relevant organisations to combine forces, create synergy, increase FIP's global reach, and strengthen its advocacy and credibility.

- Benefit at a national level from FIP's actions with governments to recognise podiatry as a healthcare profession.

- Benefit from the ability of individual podiatrists to exercise podiatry as a healthcare profession in other countries.

- Be part of subcommittees within the FIP organisation

- Be a contributor to FIP and the Podiatry Profession

- Discounts/offers on educational activities or products which are endorsed within the FIP.

Membership fee

The membership fee is 100 € per year.



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