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International Podiatry Day

The FIP International Podiatry Day Committee promotes a global awareness aiming to spread the global word about the importance and recognition of foot health, the value of Podiatrists, and access to quality care.

The 8th of October is the Podiatry worldwide special day to raise international collaboration to empower the global Podiatry profession and promote its awareness on a global scale.

It is my honor to be Chairperson of the IPD Committee and I strongly believe in international cooperation and sharing expertise devoted to well being of others, especially throughout foot health.

All IPD Committee board members from around the world make a positive contribution to promoting the Podiatry profession through social media: a four-week campaign promotes the importance of Podiatry and people's foot health through social media: stay tuned!


Alessandra Pausania
IPD Chairperson


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Message from IPD Chairperson

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Ms Alessandra Pausania

Chairperson IPD

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