International Podiatry Day


Hello dear friends and colleagues,


Welcome to the IPD, a campaign endorsed by the FIP to promote the podiatric profession around the world.


During my time as FIP General Secretary, I learned that working as a team is the most rewarding and successful way to achieve great tasks both in life and as a Federation. The Federation always strived to keep pushing forward the importance of podiatry both as health care practitioners but also to educate the general public.


As Chairperson of IPD, I believe that we need to speak in one global voice, in our case, Podiatry in the community and beyond. That’s why, together with the IPD committee, I strongly believe that the IPD is a campaign that is at heart to our member countries. A 12-week campaign, sharing information on Podiatry education, till the 8th of October where all the Podiatrists and their clients celebrate the importance of this profession.


Let's keep on sharing our knowledge, our skills, our capabilities as professionals so that people know how we can help them in their day-to-day life.


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Message from IPD Chairperson

Maite photo.jpeg

Ms Maite Garcia Martinez

Chairperson IPD