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Welcome to the new International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP) website. Enjoy exploring the new features of the website and please share it widely with your patients and colleagues.

The updated, modern feel which is more interactive and user friendly, will enhance communication with our frontline members in 28 countries around the world, as well as providing useful information to the public, our patients and other health professions about the specialty of Podiatry and the field of podiatric medicine.

The complete overhaul of the website is not just a superficial ‘rebranding’ of the organisation. The Executive Board and delegates from each of our 29 member associations have made huge improvements in the governance, management, and administration of the organisation. They continuously strive to develop the podiatry profession further and to increase recognition of our skills and the contribution that podiatrists make to patient care and their quality of life.

FIP is a not-for-profit organisation that represents over 85,000 podiatrists who are experts in the field of foot and ankle care. This website represents much of the extra work that our dedicated team of podiatrist volunteers do, in addition to their clinical and other duties, to advance the podiatry profession worldwide.

It is my pleasure and privilege to work with such a great team!

Heidi Corcoran, Hong Kong.

FIP President Heidi Corcoran

Our mission is to advance podiatry worldwide through education, advocacy, and strategic alliances for the benefit

of those with foot and ankle ailments.