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International Recruitment Committee

My name is David Dunning, Chairperson for The International Recruitment Committee (IRC). The IRC is the committee of FIP that looks after membership issues.

We are the committee that any prospective members come in contact with first.

We have developed the membership structure in conjunction with the board and the wider membership to reflect the needs of the Podiatry profession worldwide.

We also have an active role in supporting current members in the maintenance of the position of Podiatry in their country and help with the development of the education and standards in the countries of current members and both full and provisional and in the countries of podiatrists that are seeking membership status.

For this reason, I am pleased to be the chair of the International Recruitment Committee. Myself and my colleagues on the committee are enthusiastic about the opportunities we have through FIP-IFP to influence foot health standards around the world by supporting our members, raising education levels, and stimulating podiatry practice in countries where it either does not exist or is poorly recognised.

Please see the document entitled How to Become a Member of the International Federation of Podiatrists.

Message from IRC Chairperson

Dave Dunning photo.jpg

Mr David Dunning

Chairperson IRC

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